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Job Openings

Fiddlehead Instructor


Fiddlehead Instructor

Core Responsibilities


At Fiddlehead Center for the Arts in Scarborough, we have created a nurturing space where children are inspired to be scientists, artists and historians. We integrate all the STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) to inspire and create.  


Ideal candidates will have experience leading project based learning with groups of elementary aged children. Be comfortable supporting K-5th academic support through small groups and individual instruction. Enjoy working outdoors. Be creative, responsible and kind. 


Class Instruction:

  • Curriculum development for classes you lead, ideally a Science/Maker focus 1-2 times per week (coordinate with co-instructors around monthly themes)

  • Theme integration (work with other instructors to integrate STEAM aligned lessons for each monthly theme)

  • Prep for classes (helping with Science and Art project set ups, support ideas/planning, classroom set-up/clean-up)

  • Teach, support and care for students individually and in groups

  • Maintain a positive, inclusive and caring learning place

  • Lead STEAM classes of up to 20 elementary students, some smaller project based classes and adult classes; prep, write class descriptions, flyers, communications with parent outreach, create lesson plans for each class, research/find examples for inspiration.

  • Assist with sending completed projects home with students 

  • Keep track of the functionality/availability of materials and supplies in the classroom (ex: are markers capped/still working? Glue sticks are still usable, glue bottles working)

  • Research resources for class ideas, videos, books to overall benefit Fiddlehead or for classes

  • Document: Take photos during classes for advertisement, Fundraising, downstairs slideshow, and end of the year events

  • School Break/Camp planning-curriculum development and instruction

  • Create supply lists and wish lists for Lead Teaching Classes

  • Take Attendance

  • Talk with parents about children’s success and challenges


  • Participate in weekly staff meetings

  • Assist in fundraising efforts (grant information, documentation, event support)

  • Record keeping (timesheets due by 5pm on payroll days)

  • Cleaning duties; after class cleanup; rotating duties with other staff to do primary jobs such as vacuuming, recycling/trash, table washing, and dishes. Weekly Cleanup; dusting, fridge check/clean, microwave, toaster oven, windows, bathrooms, music rooms, lobby etc. 

  • Create Flyers for events, homeschool/evening classes, adult classes and distributing them in Fiddlehead and at other locations

  • Advertise for events on Facebook, Instagram, Post flyers around town in libraries, coffee shops, when appropriate

  • Help organize Google Photos 

  • Edit photos for advertisements

  • Event Planning for Parents Night Out, parties, Adult classes etc

  • Other Organization Jobs- as needed. (example: relabeling bins, going through cabinets to clean them, shelf deep cleaning/re-organization, fix damaged books- when possible



  1. Relevant bachelor’s degree, or equivalent knowledge, experience and skills 

  2. Experience working with children individually and in group settings 

  3. Practiced presentation and training facilitation skills

  4. Ability to operate within, and maintain relationships with, local schools and community organizations

  5. Excellent listening, writing, and oral communication skills 

  6. Self-motivated, able to work with limited supervision

  7. Ability to research, develop and work collaboratively to develop Child-focused, STEAM programming

  8. Comfortable with technology, including: Apple, Google suite, various social media platforms

  9. Possession of a valid and active Maine driver’s license, a reliable vehicle, and adequate insurance, or access to reliable and consistent transportation

  10. Understand and be committed to issues of diversity

Pay rate: $18-20 hourly

15-20 hours per week, could increase during school breaks and summer. 


Non-exempt/At-will employee


Benefits: 7 paid Holidays and 2 PTO (flex days)


Fiddlehead is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply. Send cover letter and resume to

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