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Fiddlehead After School Enrichment
2022-2023 School Year

Fiddlehead provides STEAM-centered after-school programming Monday-Friday from 3:30 to 6pm. Bus #10 will transport students from 8 Corners and Wentworth to Fiddlehead where they will engage in open outdoor play, snack time, and a STEAM-based project activity.  Families are also able to transport themselves.  Pick-up is any time before 6pm. You are welcome to book different days a la cart, from 1 day per week, as added enrichment, up to the full week of coverage and care.  Monday through Thursday we structure the program around "project time" from 4:15-5:15pm. Fridays are structured as free choice, a time for students to revisit a project from the week or create their own. 

The pricing is as follows, with discounts increasing the more days you book: 
1 day per week = $150 monthly
2 days per week = $285 monthly (5% discount)
3 days per week = $405 monthly (10% discount)
4 days per week = $510 monthly (15% discount)
5 days per week = $600 monthly (20% discount)

Here's how to sign up:

As some of you may know, we use a registration system called “Sawyer.” If you signed up for summer camp, these directions may be familiar to you (but please review these instructions, as there are some changes). If this is your first time using Sawyer, simply follow step-by-step instructions below: 

  1. Select "Afterschool" to customize your schedule. You can select 1-5 days per week. The "drop-in" option is for one day trials. Create an account: When you click “Register,” you will be prompted to create an account. Be sure you uncheck "receive Sawyer email communication" so you don't end up on Sawyer's mailing list. You will be asked to verify your email address before adding any activities to your cart. 

  2. Who is attending: Once you have created an account, you can add your child(ren) to the system by clicking "Add Child" under "Who is attending?" below. After the first time you book a class with us, all of your child(ren)’s information will be saved and you’ll be able to just select them as attending. 

  3. Choose payment method: Next, you will be asked to select how you would like to pay (in full or installments). If you select the installment option, a $100 deposit will be due today and monthly payments are auto-billed on the first Friday of each month using the card you entered when paying the deposit. 

  4. Checkout: Select "Add to Cart" and you will automatically be brought to your cart. Click "Checkout" and you will be prompted to complete a brief registration form and add payment information. 

  5. Cancellations or changes: You have until the 15th of each month to cancel/change your registration(s) and avoid any future billings. 

Questions: Please feel free to reach out to Oona with any questions or concerns.

Winter/Spring  2023:

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