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Fiddlehead has stepped up to meet the changing needs of our families and schools in response to COVID 19.  For families whose children attend Wentworth or Eight Corners, we are providing a Hybrid model of care that will help fill in some of the gaps in care and learning. In order to keep school groupings separate, we have developed the following schedule. Please see chart below for details and pricing.  While at Fiddlehead, your children will get support for schoolwork, have access to our wi-fi for remote learning, enjoy supervised play, and have time to socialize and engage with our talented team of instructors, who teach a variety of STEAM-based classes. We understand that families may need extra academic support during this time and will be offering individual tutoring, music instruction, mindfulness practices, as well as small art and science-based classes.

**Please call Oona at 207-730-3798 for availability**

Fiddlehead's Fall Hybrid Model

Group A

For families attending Eight Corners or Wentworth with last names A-K, Fiddlehead will provide care TH/F from 8am-3pm. The cost is $600 per month.

Group B

For families attending Eight Corners or Wentworth with last names K-Z, Fiddlehead will provide care M/T from 8am-3pm. The cost is $600 per month. 


Fiddlehead will be open from 8-1 each Wednesday.

This smaller group experience gives us the chance to offer individual tutoring, STEAM projects, team building activities, and other projects based on student interest. 

Please call for more info.



Fiddlehead now provides afterschool programming on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:30 to 6pm. Bus #10 will transport students from 8 Corners and Wentworth  The monthly cost is $150 for 1 day, $220 for 2 days. If there is enough demonstrated interest, we will consider adding aftercare on Thursday & Friday. Please call or email Oona is this is of interest to you.

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