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Fiddlehead is a non-profit organization. Like many nonprofits and childcare facilities around the world, we are navigating completely new territory with Covid 19. As you may know, we had to close our (physical) doors on March 16th. Fortunately, we were able to jump into creative mode and quickly develop a remote learning schedule to support Fiddlehead kids and their families. Much of our music instruction came online as well.

Our number one goal was to keep everyone connected: connected to their friends, connected to our staff, and connected to the art of making and learning that we pride ourselves in at Fiddlehead. 

We realize now, with feedback from our students and families that other families may also be interested in our remote learning classroom. We could all use a way to alleviate some of the stress from working from home and homeschooling (myself included).

Fiddlehead is now offering a subscription based remote learning classroom. Our instructors are busily creating online material for both our live classes that meet at 10am and 2pm daily with a fun Friday celebration at 10am on Fridays - that's 9 hours of live classes per week! We are also offering shorter pre-recorded classes like "How to make easy salt dough at home" and drawing tutorials that will come online soon and can be accessed at your convenience. On April 1st, we will officially launch and bill subscribers $125 per month for unlimited access.


We would like to be a resource for families throughout our community. If you know of anyone who may be interested, please feel free to share this info. In order to sign up for the subscription, just email Oona at and she will get you set up or register below. The weekly schedule will post on Sunday nights with all the class descriptions and access codes. 

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