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Meet our Team:


Fiddlehead Staff

This team is the heart and soul of Fiddlehead. Meghan Lerman has been at Fiddlehead for 6 years. She serves as our assistant director bringing a background in early childhood and business to help make our center run. Suzanne Drown Trout has been with Fiddlehead for nearly a decade. She mixes her knowledge of fine art with her love of teaching. Angel has been here several years. She brings her love for art and learning to the forefront of everything she does. Oona Gilles-Weil joined Fiddlehead as the new Director in September 2019.  Mack Jones (not pictured) has joined the Fiddlehead staff full time this fall after working with us for the past three summers. She brings a wealth of historical knowledge for our budding historians.

Piano Lesson

Our Music Instructors

Our team of musicians bring over 85 years of combined musical instruction experience. They value each student's pace and make learning music a fun and challenging experience for all ages and levels. Here are our current instructors and their focus areas:


Aaron Henry: Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Piano

Crystal Taber: Voice

Dave Taylor: Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin 

Gail Parker-Underwood: Piano, Voice

Megan Sabine: Violin, Fiddle, Ukulele

Natasha Skala: Piano 

Caleb Sweet- Guitar, Ukulele, Piano

Lindsay Waller: Violin, Ukulele, Guitar, Piano


Our Board Of directors

Our board is made up of parents, alumna, community stakeholders and partners. Each member brings their own expertise to the table, in order to lead Fiddlehead into the future and ensure that our agency thrives. 

We are still actively recruiting new members and volunteers! Maybe you want to help with event planning or have an idea about corporate giving. Or maybe you just want to come see how a non-profit works. 

We welcome you!

fiddleheads News

Keep in touch with all our news and goings on. 

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